This page shows links in the chronological order of the novel. You can go to links and view them while reading the novel to see or hear things described in the book. If anyone has any issues with copyright questions because of my links to photos or to youtube videos, please contact me using the email address on this site. 


Chapter 1:  Mark uses Wing Chun kung fu to fight the three muggers in the alley. Here's a link to a video about Wing Chun and Chris Chan and Bruce Lee.   The next link is the official web site for Chris Chan's Wing Chun kung fu school. As teenagers, Chris Chan and Bruce Lee studied Wing Chun together under Grandmaster Yip Man in Hong Kong. Chris Chan was my first Wing Chun instructor way back in 1973 in San Francisco. Click here for Chris Chan's Wing Chun kung fu school website.

Chapter 5:  1987 Lotus Esprit Turbo. Here's a youtube video showing Mark's car.  

Chapter 7:  Sylvia's English bentside spinet harpsichord looks like this.

Chapter 7:  Sylvia plays Bach's "Partita #2 in C minor." Here is the entire piece played on the harpsichord by Trevor Pinnock, a great harpsichordist.

Chapter 10:  Sylvia plays Antonio Soler's "Fandango." This performance on youtube is accredited to Scott Ross. 

Chapter 13:  Mark's watch is the Hamilton Ventura, the world's first electric watch, designed by my father in 1957. I'm wearing one on the back cover. Here's an informative article about it. 

Chapter 13:  Sylvia gives Mark a new watch, a Patek Philippe that looks something like this.

Chapter 14: Sylvia shows mark an old newspaper article about Highgate Cemetery in London. Here's a video.  The Highgate Vampire (youtube)